About DSH Equestrian

I been involved in showing horses and ponies for the best part of 25years and over that time have always looked for quality products to achieve the

perfect show ring look

After becoming a mum to my gorgeous little girl, I realised how busy we all get. No more time to browse the aisles of the horse shop for hours to find that one product you need. I wanted to create a one-stop shop with the essential items that we all need to get our horses into the ring. No more jumping from website to website or finding time to go to the shop.

Its now all in one place

This is where the dream of DSH Equestrian came from.

what we care about

One stop shop

One stop shop for everything needed in the preparation of a horse for show day.

Providing top quality

Providing top quality Australian made horse cosmetics that are specially designed and tested to suit our harsh climate.

We practise what we preach

We use all the products on this website to prepare our own show horses.

what our clients say