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Does your horse have white socks that you cant keep clean for a show?

Here are some tips to keep those socks sparkling clean for your next event.

  • Clip your horses socks before your show. Usually I clip socks out when I do the rest of the pre-show trimming. Ears, bridle path, jaw, feathers and socks get done together a day or two before the show. This is done on a short coat, not if your horse has a full winter coat and/or is shown as a native breed.
  • When washing your horse, wash those socks after you have washed the rest of the body. This ensures the dirty water running off the body doesn’t re dirty your socks.
  • Use a quality shampoo when washing. A purple shampoo (Judges Choice Brilliant Blue is ideal) it is perfect to bring up the sparkle of those socks. Purple shampoos are specifically designed to brighten and whiten white and grey coats with the toning qualities in them. Let the purple shampoo soak for a little while if the socks are overly stained/dirty and wash a couple of times to ensure they sparkle.
  • Give the socks a good scrub with a washing brush. Nail brushes are a handy brush for getting those fiddle areas.
  • If the socks are very stained (especially from red dust, mud or you have a horse with beautiful full feathers) a specially designed concentrated toner like HSE Hitone Silver is a great product to have in your washing kit. Can be used as a mix with just water for a concentrated treatment or add to your favourite shampoo. Fantastic for removing the yellow stains on entire horse including mane, tail, white socks and feathers. This product wont strip the hair or dry it out.
  • Once you have finished washing the socks dry thoroughly with a towel.
  • While the socks are still just damp apply your favourite sock whitening product. I love Judges Choice Show white. If you are working with feathers use a powder to dust in liberally. This will allow you to brush off the dirt from overnight.
  • Morning of the show, bandage or boot your horse for travel.
  • Give the socks a good brush (using a brush set aside for white socks. Noone likes white streaks down the dark coat horse) and reapply your sock whitening product.

Happy sock blinging 🙂