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Since having baby number two in May this year, I have found that I have so much less time in the day to fit my ponies.

Dashing out in the morning to quickly feed, muck out and throw them out in the paddock. In the afternoon, much the same. Bringing them in for dinner, changing/checking rugs, hanging up their hay net, checking the waters and feeding up. This seems to be the only things I have time to do at the

I’m lucky and my daughter loves coming outside to “help” feed up most nights and hubby is very good about my horses as they aren’t his thing.

This got me thinking about some tips for busy people (Mums, Dads, Full Time workers, people in general really ha ha) with show horses.

These are a few of my tips


Feed a good quality feed to your horses. There are so many different feeds/supplements out on the market and everyone seems to have their own that works for them and their horses. Personally I use a program like FeedXL to ensure my horses get everything they need and are not over/under fed.


Good fitting rugs. Good fitting rugs will not only keep your pony warm and dry but it will also eliminate the stress of rubbed coat. Nothing worse than having a show coming up and no hair on the shoulders/no mane. (Even though I have a great product for that if it should arise 😉 HG Serum is AMAZING)


Good quality brushes. Having good quality brushes not only last forever, when using them they stimulate the natural oils in the coat. These natural oils moisturise the skin and hair to make it healthy and shiny.


HOT OIL! HSE Hot oil is the bomb! I use capitals because if you only have a spare 5 min, a good hot oil treatment for your horse is so easy and is an amazing deep treatment for skin and hair. With all the goodies that we love for a nourishing treatment and smells amazing. This will leave your pony shiny.


Be organised! Yep I know it’s an easy one to put on a list but it makes a world of difference.

  • Get those entries in before the due date.
  • Replace items as they run out.
  • Clean gear and repack show bags after your last show. Or if it’s your everyday gear leave enough time to clean it before the show.
  • Have all your papers/memberships and your horses papers all in a folder in a particular spot. That way you know where they are and can grab themeasily. Or keep them in your gear bag if that’s safe.
  • Check your show box a week or two before the show and write a list of what you need.
  • Shop online! DSH Equestrian has so many amazing products, delivered right to your
  • Make sure you have everything packed at least the night before a show.

Quality not quantity isn’t that the saying? If you’re short on time, try to make the time you have count.


Have fun. We do this because we love horses (most of the time) so try not to stress too much about it.