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As it is getting into the full show season I thought it was the right time to give you a few tips on how to take care of your false tail.

It some times is one of those items that is dumped back into the gear bag until you need to use it at the next show. When you pull it out its full of black makeup, dirt, it smells and is all bend out of shape.

False tails can be an expensive investment but with proper care and storage they will last for many years to come. I have put together some tips on how to properly care and maintain your false tail. Good quality false tails are made from natural horse hair so proper care and storage is needed to maintain the look and quality of them.

The easiest way to wash your false tail is to hang your tail up from your tie up rail, fence post ect.

False tail splice DSH Equestrian Tips


Wet the tail with water making sure you avoid the top section where the tail is spliced (hard section at the top of the false tail) and where the loop is.

False Tail Wet and shampoo DSH Equestrian Tips


Using a quality shampoo (I use Judges Choice Brilliant Shine Shampoo) put a small amount in the bottom section of the tail and rub into a lather. Do not scrub too vigorously but you want to make sure all the dirt, dust and makeup are out of the tail.

Wet and shampoo from the red line down as shown in picture.

False tail shampoo DSH Equestrian tips


Rinse with clean water.

Repeat the shampoo step if the tail is very dirty. If the tail is stained (especially grey and pally tails) you can use HSE HiTone silver or HiTone silver x2 at this stage.

False tail shake DSH Equestrian Tips


Once clean shake all excess water from the tail. Holding onto the top of the tail (spliced section and not the loop) gentle shake the excess water off. No need to swing the tail above your head 😉

False tail liquid silk conditioner DSH Equestrian Tips


Now it’s time to condition. Using a good quality leave in conditioner, I find  is the best. I use HSE Liquid Silk serum. Not only is this beautiful and conditioning, it doesn’t attract dirt and dust.

Bonus 🙂

You only need a small amount and using your fingers to make sure it is evenly spread through the tail.

false tail section dry slightly and comb DSH Equestrian Tips


Allow to dry slightly and comb using a wide tooth comb or brush. Always brush the tail in small section at first. This ensures the tails isn’t too knotty and also fluffs up the tail.


Always ensure the tail is fully dry before storing. Store hanging or laying flat. Now your false tail is ready for your next competition!

Happy Showing!!!!