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The days are short, cold and usually rainy but grooming in winter id just as important as the rest of the year.

We may be tempted to leave the horses rugged (especially show horses) but unrugging and giving them a bit of love in the way of grooming is so important.

Now that winter solstice has been, the horses coats are starting to move and getting in with a bit of elbow grease to shift that dead coat is very important and what more is your 4 legged friend will love you for it!

So why groom??

  • Grooming is important to help keep the coat healthy and shiny. It stimulates the natural oils in the skin and keeps the hair conditioned. It helps get rid of the dead hair and skin cells which can cause discomfort and itchiness if left.
  • It enables you time to check the horse over and make sure there are no unnoticed cuts, grazed or rub marks.
  • Destress! It gives you 5 minutes, just you and your horse. Time to chill out together and relax.
  • Grooming is a natural way for horses to socialise. So again a few minutes with your horse and do something that your horse will love you for J
  • Check your horse’s hood and cotton rugs to see if they need to be changed to clean ones. It is important to change your horse’s rugs often so they don’t get itchy or rubbed from dirty rugs.
  • Wash and condition your horse’s mane and tail. To stop them rubbing out dirty manes and tails, leaving you nothing to plait!
  • Hot oil treatment. Nothing better on a cold day for a bit of pampering with a hot oil intense conditioning treatment. Days spa horsey style 😉 I apply the hot oil to whole body, mane and tail. The best Hot Oil is HSE Hot Oil and is available on our website.

Groom all year around and you and your horse will benefit.

Nice shiny, healthy coats for the show ring and a much more relaxed horse and owner.