Express Clean 500ml


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Express Clean doubles as TWO amazing products – an incredible Rapid Spot Stain Remover that quickly and easily fixes any ring-side mishaps, and PART 1 (Stain Remover and Colour Primer) of our popular 3 Step System, the ‘Ultimate White Pamper Pack’ designed to help create show stopping white and grey tails, manes and coats.

Made in Australia.

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Express Clean is a unique ready-to-use formula designed to quickly and easily help remove staining and built-up grime from the dirtiest hair. Perfect for use on grey, white, very pale cream and all light coloured tails, manes, socks and white markings. Express Clean gently penetrates deep into the hair fibres to help eliminate or reduce surface staining from Urine, Manure, Grass, Hard Water, Grease and Stubborn Built-up Grime.

Express Clean is also FREE of bleaches, peroxides and harsh chemicals making it safe to use on dark coloured hair and a great product to use as a deep clean on dirty coloured tails prior to applying dyes etc.

  • To mend any residual yellowing/brassiness from the hair finish with Violet Wash & Violet Crème.


DIRECTIONS – as Rapid Spot Stain Remover.

Spray ready-to-use formula onto stain and massage in, removing stain with cloth. Repeat as needed.

Wipe away foam with clean damp cloth, allow hair to dry and finish by brushing hair smooth.


DIRECTIONS – For Tails and Manes.

Express Clean is a low sudsing cleanser designed to effectively and gently remove heavily built-up staining without using bleaches or harsh chemicals.

Wet hair using WARM/HOT water. Don’t have easy access to a hot tap? Simply fill a thermos of hot water at home or take a kettle if you have access to power.

Take your time.

Tail/Mane Stains: Spray or pour Express Clean into damp strands SATURATING the hair. Vigorously massage/rub Express Clean between your palms and work into a lather. Continue to work through while the lathering foam turns brown lifting all that grime. Wash away dirty foam and repeat until foam remains white and stains are removed. Repeat as necessary. Rinse well.

Sock/feather Stains: Spray or pour directly onto wet socks/feathers and work into a lather with a small body brush or sponge. Repeat as necessary. Rinse well.

  • For optimum results and to mend any residual yellowing/brassiness from previously damaged hair finish with Violet Wash and Violet Crème.

For full body cleaning we recommend using Violet Wash. Should you find any remaining stains, simply spray Express Clean directly onto coat and scrub with a sponge, repeat if necessary and rinse well.

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