Ultimate White Pamper Pack


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The Ultimate White Pamper Pack is number one selling pamper pack to remove built-up dirt and grime and to help repair stubborn yellow/brassiness from white/very pale cream and light coloured tails and hair.

Unique 3 Step System contains all the products you need to get those dirty tails, manes, coats and white markings bright and white ready for the show season.

Ultimate White Pamper Pack contains:

  • 1 x Express Clean 500ml
  • 1 x Violet Wash 500ml
  • 1 x Violet Crème 500ml
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Made in Australia.

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The Ultimate White Pamper Pack is also so much more than a 3 Step System just for tails and manes but all three products are amazing on their own and will be valuable additions to your grooming kit.

Suitable for all light coloured horses: whites, greys, palomino, dilutes, mixed coloured etc.

We ship all orders with instructions for every Platinum Pony product.


PART 1: Express Clean – Stain Remover and Colour Primer.

Express Clean is a unique ready-to-use formula designed to quickly and easily help remove staining and built-up grime from the dirtiest hair. Perfect for use on grey, white, very pale cream and all light coloured tails, manes, socks and white markings.

Express Clean gently penetrates deep into the hair fibres to help eliminate or reduce surface staining from Urine, Manure, Grass, Hard Water, Grease and Stubborn Built-up Grime.

Express Clean doubles as TWO amazing products – a Rapid Spot Stain Remover that quickly and easily fixes any ring-side mishaps, and PART 1 of our popular 3 Step System, the Ultimate White Pamper Pack designed to help create show stopping white and grey tails, manes and coats.

Express Clean is also FREE of bleaches, peroxides and harsh chemicals making it safe to use on dark coloured hair and a great product to use as a deep clean on dirty coloured tails prior to applying dyes etc.


PART 2: Violet Wash – Cleanse and Clarify while Brightening Whites.

Violet Wash is a highly concentrated natural pigment shampoo designed to thoroughly and gently cleanse and clarify while brighten white, grey, very pale cream and light coloured tails, manes and coats while leaving a beautiful natural shine.

Violet Wash is the perfect full body shampoo, created using carefully selected, pH balanced, cosmetic grade ingredients FREE of unnecessary silicones, parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to nourish and moisturise the hair leaving a luxurious silky soft shine while helping to keep your whites glowing bright.

Violet Wash is the perfect addition to your grooming routine.


PART 3: Violet Crème – Repair Yellow/Brassiness with Deep Violet Conditioning Treatment.

Violet Crème is the original highly concentrated, violet pigment crème conditioner developed to help brighten and highlight grey, white, very pale cream and all light coloured tails, manes, socks and feather by reducing the visual effects of yellow brassy hair.

Violet Crème is created using carefully selected natural ingredients FREE of parabens, silicones and unnecessary chemicals. Powered by a special blend of natural oils including Jojoba and Argan, Violet Crème deeply moisturises and detangles damaged hair, strengthening and brightening whites all while leaving a luxurious silky feel and natural shine.

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